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Feb 6 – Japanese Martyrs

I’ve been sick and feverish a few days so this post is a bit late. Anyway, here goes.

As Fr. Linsky discussed Japanese Sts. Paul Miki and his companions, I remembered a book of historical fiction I had read maybe 25 years ago while living in Japan. I don’t remember it well enough to discuss the details and don’t have time to tackle it right now, but do remember it being an impressive book popular within the Christian community in Japan. If you are a fan of historical fiction and have any interest in Japanese culture and Christianity in Japan, this may be of interest to you. Below is what Amazon has to say about it.

I will warn you that at least one Catholic blogger finds the theology in Silence to be “sinister.” I recommend reading his blog post before deciding whether to read the novel. But, the book is, after all, historical fiction and not theology and may provide good food for thought and meditation and self examination. I guess one alternate understanding of what the protagonist did was that he laid down, not just his mortal life, but his spiritual life, for the sake of his companions. I have a copy of the book around here somewhere. I’ll get it out and put it on the to do list.

Apparently the movie has been out a couple of years and is available on Amazon Prime.