Welcome to the Graveyard

Here is a 12 minute slide show you may enjoy. You will probably recognize the voice of Mike DeSumma. You will have to download it and then open it with PowerPoint. I solicit comments about the slide show or about the new Graveyard website it is designed to promote and spark interest in: www.visitstpetersgraveyard.org.

This has been my time-consuming hobby for the last 10 weeks or so.

And here is the link to the slide show: Graveyard Experimental Apr 22


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Graveyard

  1. brucevisitstpetersorg

    Great job, Darryl. As with everything you do, you do it well. Having some close experience in working in this graveyard, I’m very impressed with your work and attention to detail. I’m sure this will help continue garnering interest in the Church grounds and cemetery. Great job on the presentation, and also to Mike DeSumma for his narration.


    1. Darryl Williams Post author

      Thanks, Bruce. It has been fun and depended on your assistance for successful completion. Well, actually, such projects are never complete. If you run out of anything to do you might dig up “Mildred and Lucille” and see what the rest of that marker says. I can’t find anything matching in the WPA data.


  2. Greg Carbone

    Darryl, What a great introduction to the St. Peter’s graveyard; I learned a lot from your background research. As someone wrestling with an online teaching gig these days, I also appreciate the effort you and Michael made for a clear and interesting presentation.


  3. RichSayers

    Darryl thank you for this informative and entertaining presentation about the graveyard. Excellent job as you brought the history of the graveyard to life. Kudos to Mike DeSumma for his narration. Many will benefit from your efforts.



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