Today’s 1st Reading: The Whole Story

The healing in the name of Jesus of the man crippled from birth is the focus of today’s 1st reading. It is only part of the story, possibly making us wonder why the folks who divided the Bible into chapters and verses made the decisions they did about chapters 3 and 4.

The whole story, beginning with Peter and John on their way to the temple for afternoon prayer and ending with the local Church gathered in prayer and being filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaiming the Word of God fearlessly, is told in Acts 3:1 to Acts 4:31.  I guess that would have been a chapter too long.

Anyway, it is a beautiful and theologically profound story about the very early Church and its faithfulness and resulting impact on the larger community. It is a challenge to the Church of any time and place.

The whole story is worth a careful reading, paying attention to the footnotes which provide some valuable explanation about context and culture. These three pages are rich enough to be the basis for a great Gospel-proclaiming, movie.

It’s just a suggestion for use of some of all that spare time many of us are experiencing.

By the way, anytime any of you members of the MPG have thoughts, questions, or issues you want to share about the readings, you are free to use this space. Just send what you would like me to post. It should not be personal since some folks not members of the group read it from time to time. And remember, I am not an approved teacher but just an interested lay person making observations.

And, hopefully, we will soon be able to resume meeting weekly with Father Linsky.

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