Universalis App Bonus

In the “About Today” section of the Universalis App is an unattributed essay, Theological Science, referencing the Acts 15 account of the Jerusalem Council. It seems to me to be well-written and thought provoking so I decided to share it with the MPG along with a recommendation to download the app to your phones. I have it and i-Breviary and use both to varying degrees in search of inspiration.

It is interesting to contrast the Acts 4 Sanhedrin debate about trouble-makers Peter and John with the Acts 15 Jerusalem Council debate among the “apostles and presbyters” about the Gentile believer issue. The first seems to be about political positioning and the latter a search for truth.

Of course The Church, contrary to the first sentence in the essay, “decides” a lot of things but hopefully not the theological basics which should be matters of revelation consistent with science if not pure science. I am surprised the word “revelation” does not show up in the essay.

Here is a screen shot of the essay:

theological science

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