April 17th:Self Examination

Fr. Linsky talked about the responses of all the “characters” surrounding Jesus as “his hour” approached and the importance of reflecting on those responses especially during this week. Doing so can be helpful in improving our own responses to the Gospel.

There were Judas’s overt betrayal and acceptance of thirty pieces of silver for it, Peter’s triple denial around in the courtyard even as Jesus was being questioned by High Priest Caiaphas,  the  weeping women at the foot of the cross and at the tomb, the disciples in hiding, the men who gambled for his clothes, the soldiers who testified,“Truly, this was the Son of God!” and others as well.

The reading for today is from Matthew 26 about the Last Supper and identification of Judas as the betrayer. St. Luke adds some information about a surprising argument that broke out among the disciples when the question of betrayal came up. It is in Luke 22:21-30 and includes some suggestions about achieving “greatness.”

Given the beauty of the Stations of the Cross at this Basilica of St. Peter, it is also worthwhile to reflect on  the expressions depicted on the faces of those who played roles in the Passion and to consider what was on their minds and what their attitudes were at the time.

Given Ephesians 2:10, it is a good time to reflect on how we fall short of what has been prepared for us and how we can do more as we strive to be humble servants, last of all.

Here is interesting and well-documented information about history and observance of the Easter Triduum in various Christian traditions. If you see errors or inaccuracies, send me a note with some documentation, and I will try to correct Wikipedia.

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