Catholic Religious Orders and Where We Fit In

Catholic Religious Orders

Wow! Google “Catholic Religious Orders” and you get this impressive collection of symbols of 52 Orders and a very detailed article HERE. Long and rich histories are bound to be complicated. The neat thing is that clicking on any of the symbols at that link takes one immediately to the article on that Order.

Wednesday MPG Discussion

In Wednesday’s Morning Prayer meeting, Father Linsky was addressing Monasticism and in particular the Benedictines and the Rule of St. Benedict. You can read all 73 chapters of the Rule of St. Benedict HERE.

Here is another good LINK to information about Catholic Orders. At this link we learn that:

Original Catholic religious orders of the Middle Ages include:

Probably the most interesting links for immediate clicking and investigation are the Benedictines (Discussed by Fr. Linsky Wednesday morning), the Trappists (Mepkin Abbey), the Ursulines (Important in the history of the Basilica of St. Peter)

The Very Rev’d Canon Gary S. Linsky, V.F. Pastor

Most of the orders are designated in shorthand by initials such as S.J. for Society of Jesuits, O.S.B for Benedictines, O.C.S.O for Trappists, etc. How many Basilica of St. Peter parishioners know what the initials V.F. in Father Linsky’s title, “The Very Rev’d Canon Gary S. Linsky, V.F. Pastor” mean. It’s not a religious order but stands for “Vicar Foran,” a priest with some responsibility for other priests in a region. You can read all about it HERE.

The Main Point

But, to skip the complications and get back to the simple point: It is important for us to strive for a balance between prayer and work, prayer meaning listening and meditating as well as speaking and work meaning all our responsibilities as Catholic laymen, not just paying jobs which several of us don’t even have. 

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