May 2, 2018 – Athanasius, Orthodoxy, and Councils

St. Athanasius

Fr. Linsky gave an interesting summary of the life and ministry of St. Athanasius. You can read the whole story HERE.

St. Athanasius is famous for having written the earliest extant listing of the NT Canon. For the source of this clip below from 367 AD, more than 250 years after the writing of the NT books, go here.

Catholic Orthodoxy
(Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church)

Built on four pillars:

  1. The baptismal profession of faith (The Creed)
  2. The sacraments of faith (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Holy Orders, Matrimony, Penance, Anointing of the Sick)
  3. The life of faith (The Commandments)
  4. The prayer of the believer (The Our Father)

It seems simple, but, from that, we get 688 pages of very interesting and challenging reading with clear explanations and lots of references to Sacred Scripture and other Church documents. It is worth having on hand to look up things and is even worth complete reading just for better understanding.

Catholic Church Councils (Since Jerusalem)
More Details at this LINK.

1. FIRST COUNCIL OF NICAEA 325 – Nicene Creed against Arianism
2. FIRST COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE – 381 – Divinity of the Holy Spirit
3. COUNCIL OF EPHESUS – 431 – Declared Mary the Mother of God
4. COUNCIL OF CHALCEDON – 451 – Defined the two natures of Christ
5. SECOND COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE – 553 – Condemned errors of Origen
6. THIRD COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE – 680-681 – Divine and human will in Christ
7. SECOND COUNCIL OF NICAEA – 787 – Veneration of holy images
9. FIRST LATERAN COUNCIL – 1123 – Holy Land recovery from infidels
10. SECOND LATERAN COUNCIL – 1139 – Dealt with errors of Arnold of Brescia
11. THIRD LATERAN COUNCIL – 1179 – Condemned Albigenses and Waldenses
12. FOURTH LATERAN COUNCIL – 1215 – Condemned errors of Abbot Joachim
13. FIRST COUNCIL OF LYONS – 1245 – Excommunicated Frederick II; directed a crusade
14. SECOND COUNCIL OF LYONS – 1274 – Added “and from the Son” to the creed.
15. COUNCIL OF VIENNE – 1311-1313 – Dealt with crimes and errors, reforms, a crusade
16. COUNCIL OF CONSTANCE – 1414-1418 – Dealt with schism
17. COUNCIL OF BASLE/FERRARA/FLORENCE – 1431-1439 – Moveable council – three cities
18. FIFTH LATERAN COUNCIL – 1512-1517 – Crusade planned but stopped due to Luther
19. COUNCIL OF TRENT – 1545-1563 – Addressed the reformers and reformed the church
20. FIRST VATICAN COUNCIL – 1869-1870 – decreed the infallibility of the Pope when speaking ex cathedra, i.e. when as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church.
21. SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL – 1962-1965 – Pope John XXIII convoked the council in which 2860 leaders participatedThe main business of the council was to explore and make explicit the Church’s role in the world, ecumenism, the renewal of religious life, the life and ministry of priests and the role of lay apostles (everyday Christians) as important contributors to the evangelization of the world. Improvements to the liturgy were explored. Vatican II also suggested the Mass be established in the language of its environment. So the Mass is now in many languages instead of just Latin.


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