So Many Psalms; So Little Time

Given our use of the Liturgy of the Hours Morning Prayer each Wednesday and my very limited exposure to same during visits to Mepkin Abbey, I have been interested in why and when and in what order the various Psalms are included. I commented in an earlier post that it was my understanding that strict observance of the Liturgy results in reading all the Psalms about once a month, so I was in the process of checking that out for myself, noting each morning which Psalms were included that day and marking them on a checklist. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical and figured something was left out and wanted to know what and why.

Then I discovered this incredible website of a Jesuit Scholar, Father Felix Just, who apparently thinks like I do but at a much higher and more sophisticated level of course. He offers a special section of his website just on The Liturgy of the Hours and has a page answering the question: What are the Psalms and Verses Omitted from the Four-Week Psalter? He also explains why. Turns out there are three whole chapters plus 38 verses omitted, and for mostly good reason I would say. I guess the omissions can be considered lessons in the value of the teaching authority of The Catholic Church in helping us understand and interpret Sacred Scripture and apply it to our current situations.

I hope you are as curious as I and will click HERE to read the omitted sections and his explanation. It reminds me of Father Linsky’s comment a few weeks ago about Red Letter versions of the Bible, highlighting the words of Jesus.

3 thoughts on “So Many Psalms; So Little Time

  1. william j neglia,

    I would agree that the imprecatory psalms which have been omitted from the Liturgy clash with the ethics of Jesus teaching of forgiveness



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