Wednesday, June 7 – Week 9 Ordinary Time

Psalms Prayed: Psalm 36 – Human Wickedness and Divine Providence
Psalm 47 – The Ruler of All Nations

Nineteen were present, including our guest speaker, Jeff Armbruster. Jeff was a member of the first Cardinal Newman graduating class to have been at that school for all four years. He is a civil engineer and Catholic lay author and speaker who shared his testimony about the inspiration he received from a prayer of John Henry Cardinal Newman. The prayer, about Christian responsibility, or a call to “Live Humbly, Serve Graciously,” is printed on the back cover of Jeff’s book and can be read at this link.

Jeff’s book is available on Amazon.

If you are a Facebook user, you can find Jeff’s page there.


1 thought on “Wednesday, June 7 – Week 9 Ordinary Time

  1. wneglia

    We were truly blessed to have Jeff Armbruster give such an inspirational and challenging message. I have just finished reading his book “Live Humbly, Serve Graciously ” and found it deeply spiritual and useful for my faith journey. His reflections on Baptism, Mission, and Service are a challenge to all believers to emulate Jesus in our humility and love for others.
    I would highly recommend this book and plan to use its teachings in my own life’s mission.

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